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social media for online business

How To Use Social Media to Grow Your Online Business

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The chances are that you already know that social media is incredibly important for online business owners, especially course creators. But, you might not know why it’s important. The why is simple: you need an audience. Here’s how you can use that and use social media to actually grow your online business. 

1. Increase Emphasis on Video

A huge trend in social media for growing business is an emphasis on video. You’ve likely heard about the streaming video wars with all the biggest names in the business, but that also translates to your online business. Video is trending and you should incorporate it into your marketing strategy. Some of the ways you can do this include: 

  • Creating a YouTube channel 
  • Incorporate stories on social media platforms 
  • Create videos on Facebook or Instagram 
  • Go live on Facebook or Instagram 

As a blogger, or even a consultant or service provider, you may not feel comfortable going on video. You can overcome this, though! Have confidence and practice often with yourself so that you get comfortable talking to a camera. Or, consider hiring a videographer (even just for a short term) to help make sure your videos are helping increase your confidence. 

No matter what type of creator you are, getting out there and publishing video content is essential!

2. Focus on Authentic Stories 

People don’t always want a suit and a tie. They want a personal connection. If you open up to them, get vulnerable, and share authentic stories with them, they’ll be able to make a stronger connection with you. 

Don’t be afraid to get authentic and vulnerable. This is one of the first things you’ll learn when you decide to create content to market your business. Your audience wants to see you as a person. They’ll connect with you if you’re struggling with a family problem, want to change direction in your business, or need people to bounce ideas off of. This vulnerability is exactly what you need to connect with your clients. In fact, you may find that relationships will blossom when you open up to clients. 

Wonder why people like Rachel Hollis have been so. incredibly. successful with courses, conventions, and more? Flip to one of her Insta stories where she recounts a facial paralysis experience or goes live with a fever the night before one of the biggest business opportunities of her life! That’s the vulnerability your audience craves.

3. Overall Organic Reach is Down

Organic reach is down and paid reach is much more successful because it allows you to target the exact people you’re looking for which exponentially increases your relevancy. Many content and course creators may be reluctant to jump into paid advertisements because they’re not sure if the RoAS (return on ad spend) will be worth it, but many more who have taken the plunge realize that it is a good choice. A sales funnel is a great way to combat this and ensure you’re targeting all the right people and help you get the return you need.

4. Test What Works and Test Again

Test what works, and then test it again. The only way to know if something truly works or if it was just a coincidence is to make sure that you’re constantly testing it, learning what you can do better, and re-testing it. Each week I share about strategies to grow your influence and income using courses and digital products in my Inspired Course Training Group

If something doesn’t perform, don’t just give up. Consider something like ConvertKit that will show you what has performed and why it has performed and then tweak it so that you can re-test it. 

You will never inherently know what people will respond to. Try something out, learn about why it did (or didn’t) perform and then make changes to test it out again. Once you’ve found what works great, hone in on that and really apply that to your marketing strategy! 

5. Repurpose Content 

Repurpose content to save yourself valuable time and money. Solopreneurs can repurpose content in many ways including simply changing up the content or the way that it’s presented. Create different graphics with the same quotes, use images you’ve seen perform before but in a new way, try out memes or gifs on your social media. 

Another great idea is repurposing actual content without self-plagiarizing. Pull content from blog posts and use it in email marketing. Pull content from podcasts and use it in your social media ads. Learn what’s already performing in a different medium, tweak it to suit a new one, and repurpose it there. 

Make sure you add some value to each of the platforms so that your audience can soak in all the goodness no matter where they’re getting the content! 

If you want to learn more about how to get started with your online course and use social media to your advantage, find the free creators starter outline PDF!