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July Alumni of The Digital Product Toolkit

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In this episode, I share with you the results from the latest round of The Digital Product Toolkit. I also talk about resources and trainings I used to get started with Facebook ads. Finally, you’ll get a look at all of the amazing student showcase from the Digital Product Toolkit!

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One of my biggest regrets as a new course creator, was not getting support to answer my questions. Today, I’m going to be sharing with you real student examples of people selling their expertise in an on-demand course. Make sure to tune to the end, and as a special bonus – I’ll share how to get better testimonials using a student Facebook group.

How I Got Started With The DPT

This program was originally launched as a series of templates and tutorials and sold for only $9. Over time, I improved the program by adding a workbook, more videos, and also incorporated live rounds of support every few months. I eventually raised the prices of the course and at the time of the recording, currently have a lite and full access to the course. I recently ran a live round of the course in July, where I offered 4+ weeks of co-working calls and live support. Here are the latest results from students that took action and launched their latest course.

Latest Launch Results July 2021

Most recently, I’ve been diving into selling my courses with Facebook and Google Ads. In June 2021, I hired Amber Rose to create amazing ad copy for my lead generation campaign which lead to a low priced offer. 

As a direct result of working with her, my list grew nearly by 200 (possibly more due to iOS 14 changes) in a matter of weeks with a small budget and helped me see sales for the first time with ads. Some unexpected benefits, I saw after using ads included, three new podcast guest bookings and a summit speaking invitation!

I highly recommend Amber’s VIP Day option for those with a proven course/program that wants to build their list. Other done for you resources I recommend include Amy Crane’s Amplify membership and Laurel Portie’s $7 program. I’ve tried both of these memberships and I feel they are both incredibly valuable for those that want to build an audience and market using FB ads.

Student Client Showcase

Pro-Pitching Template

Pro pitching template Fire Up Freelance

Sam Hawrylack is the owner and founder of Fire Up Freelance and How To Fire. The Pro-Pitching Template will help you get the exact wording and customization you need to send in client pitches so you can become a booked out freelancer. This is the same template she uses in her business that has been tested and adjusted for the highest client conversion.


Access her free resume template right now

Teach The Geek To Speak Membership

Teach The Geek to Speak Membership

Neil Thompson is the creator of Teach the Geek to Speak Society, where he helps STEM Professionals with public speaking. Inside of the Teach the Geek to Speak Membership – you’ll learn exactly how to confidently deliver your next speech and command the stage like a seasoned pro – without sweating through your shirt or fumbling through your slides.


Access his free 5 Public Speaking Tips right here

You Can Cross Stitch Workshop

Erin Ulko is the teacher, author, pattern designer, kit maker, and crazy cross stitcher behind Purple Leaf Designs. She helps teach total newbies how to start – and finish – their very first cross stitch project, setting the foundation for a brand new creative + fulfilling hobby.

Join Erin inside of You Can Cross Stitch Workshop – a complete workshop that walks you through each step of your first cross stitch project – from start to finish! Join her waitlist for when the next workshop opens!

Easy Trello Training

Kat Sturtz Easy Trello Training Rocking Your Path

Kat Sturtz is the founder of Rocking Your Path. Kat is a business life mentor and The Purgatory Relief Coach for People Who Think Marketing Is Hell…her twist as a Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach. Her passion is helping home-based solopreneurs figure out what’s really got them stuck, stumped, or stalled. She especially loves helping clients break free from despair, leaking money, or making little at all.


Do you struggle making sense of Trello? Tried it. Ended up with a mishmash of disorganized info cards and convoluted workflows? End the confusion and head-scratching. And the hate. Nobody’s got time for that. Let Kat show you an easier, more intuitive way to take charge of Trello. Learn to rock it your way! Join the Easy Trello Training waitlist for access to the updated course!

How the Digital Product Toolkit is Different

The Digital Product Toolkit is perfect for those just starting with building an online course and even those “perfectionist” entrepreneurs ( I count myself among them) that need a catalyst to launch their online course – without the anxiety, tech stress, or worry of wondering if it will sell.

Not only do I offer periodic live rounds of support for full access members, you’ll also get an email course that pairs with the course so you can learn on-demand at your own pace. I also provide a full variety of templates for introduction lessons, student onboarding email templates, email marketing templates, and so much more.

If you’ve ever wanted to create a course – and don’t want to spend thousands of dollars hiring out a team or buying an expensive coaching program – this is the ultimate way to learn my strategies for creating and selling courses and templates FAST.

Past Alumni

I ran a similar live round of The Digital Product Toolkit back in January of 2021 and had some incredible students showcase their results. You can check the results right here. 

Check out the January Alumni

facebook groups for course creators

3 Tips to Get Better Testimonials for your Online Course With Facebook groups

One of the perks of some of many of my online courses is that I offer live course feedback and support during periodic times of the year.


Live Co-Working Calls

Offer live coworking calls. I share a calendar for all co-working calls with quiet working time + some private q & a sessions. These calls help me see what new content I should be adding to the course and if something is missing. I use AddEvent and have used Eventable in the past to get people to add my zoom meetings inside of a link which I send to my customers via email and inside the group.

Dripped Homework Assignments + Social Posts

Provide dripped homework assignments inside of the student facebook group, during a live support round. I often schedule “homework” assignment posts inside of my Facebook group in advance. At the time of this episode, I currently use Coschedule for all my social media content. This gives people specific space to comment any questions or share their wins as they work through the content. Additionally, I normally share useful templates from inside my course inside the group so they can access it easily.

Ask for feedback with a Form

Asking for testimonials can seem awkward. But without them, you’re stuck with a course that doesn’t get results for your customers. Social proof if one of the deciding factors for people to hop in and buy your course. I generally ask people to share their feedback of what they felt before the course training about the topic, and what they felt. “after” joining my course. If students have specific wins they’d like to share about their course launch, I ask them permission to share it. Sometimes students also comment inside my facebook group, and I do ask if I can share their results as well.


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