In this episode, I talk about the latest results from The Digital Product Toolkit! I share specific results from alumni of the program and my membership. It shouldn’t take you 5-6 months to develop your first digital product. In this next episode, I’m going to share with you how to create and launch your minimum viable product – and sell based on work you’ve already created.

Today, I’m highlighting the latest student alumni for the Digital Product Toolkit.  

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About Gabby

Trying to figure out what’s a “Yes please” course and a course that flops? Choosing a profitable topic is one of the most important parts of the course creation process. Introducing the 4 Keys to a Profitable Course Topic – the private podcast! This course is available now for free in the audio podcast format – so you can grab and go with your course creation process.

Gabby is course creation consultant for online solopreneurs. Gabby helps you build a business with courses that makes money and changes lives. To learn more about Gabby’s services and free audio course – check out the link below!

About Kim

Are you a speaker, author, or course creator that wants to get more visibility through podcast booking? Introducing the Pitch and Get Booked course created by Kim Parkinson. If you struggle with what to say to get booked and need a tried and true system to get more visible and reach more audience – this is the best course to check out.

Kim is tech-savvy podcast producer and founder of KP Creative Media. You can learn more about the Pitch and Get Booked course by checking out the link below.

About Cara

Cara is an experienced educator and life coach. She enjoys helping students and parents work through challenges and reach their goals. She has a Masters in Instructional Design and create learning tools to engage and motivate learners. 

Parenting is hard enough already without worrying about how to keep your child’s homework in check! That’s why Cara created the Clean Desk Toolkit, after seeing parents and students struggle with organizing their rooms and study materials. If you’re ready for your child to have a cleaner space, then check out this course! 

The Course Consultant Resources

The Digital Product Toolkit is perfect for you if you’re a service provider looking to expand your products and programs with an on-demand course or template that grows your revenue into a flourshing online course academy.

See past alumni rounds right here: 

AlumniJuly Alumni of The Digital Product Toolkit

Alumni: Digital Product Toolkit

If you need step by step support to create, grow, and scale your course academy with the Business of Courses Membership


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