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Online Course Success Stories

Behind the Scenes of 6 Successful Digital Course Creator Launches

When you are considering creating your own online course, it’s sometimes best to learn from the people who have done it before and done it right. By looking at these online course stories from successful course creators who have been where you are, you can get a better idea of what it takes to become an online course millionaire! 

Best Selling Online Courses

The top online courses may have several different things going for them, but they all have one thing in common: they’re valuable to your customers. No matter what niche your course is in, creating something that your customers want, actually, that your customers need, is essential in course development. Building the best course creation and social media marketing strategy will allow you to begin focusing on the success (financial and otherwise) that you want your course to bring! 

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Listen to Your Audience

Jacques Hopkins is an elite award recipient of Click Funnel’s Two Comma Award, given only to those who have earned over one million dollars from their sales funnel. As the creator of the course Piano in 21 Days, Hopkins believes that his first launch would have gone much smoother if he had listened more to his audience from the beginning. Although he’s become very successful since then, an online course millionaire in fact,  he recommends listening to customers first before launching a product. By listening to what customers want, you can tailor your course to them. This means that you’ll be able to not only target more people but also leave them with a better impression of the things they can take away from your course! If you assume what your customers need, you might be giving them the wrong things and have to spend more time trying to figure out what they really want from the course!  

Create More Free Content Before Your Launch 

Build excitement and intrigue when you offer free content before any big launch. Kelly Mirabella is a successful Facebook Chatbot Expert, owner of Stellar Media Marketing, and has spoken at conferences like Social Media Marketing World, Conversations, Social Media Week Lima, and many more. When Kelly created Baby Got Bot for Beginners, she did it as a complement to other products that she was offering. This means that she may not be making as much off of the beginner course but it’s paving the way for her to make more money off of other things that she has on offer! When you’re taking this approach, it may be best to only offer the base level or beginner course for free to prevent loss of revenue on your larger, more detailed courses.

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Leverage Social Media 

Take advantage of your social media audience! While there might be some issues with social media and visibility, it’s still worth it to leverage your social media and make it work for your online course. Digital course creators like Anthony Metivier who created The Magnetic Memory Method Masterclass uses several different mediums to reach as many people as possible with his webinars. He uses Webinarjam as well as YouTube and Facebook for broadcasting his course! 

Simplify Your Process

Keep it simple. Since your course can have so many components to it, it can be easy to get caught up in the specifics, but this could delay your course or cause you not to launch at all. It could even make it so that it is less interesting to your customers. It’s important that you make sure everyone is getting all the information that they need from the course, but equally as important to make sure that you’re keeping it simple for those who have purchased your course. Dale L. Roberts mentions getting caught up in the details as one of the issues he ran into when creating his now super successful DIY Publishing Course. It’s time to get out of your own way! 

Don’t Overthink it 

When Anfernee Chansamooth was creating How to Do Your Bookkeeping in Xero, he understood the extreme importance that came with not overthinking his course. He also knows how easy it is to get caught in the analysis paralysis and knows that you can really hurt your progress when you start overthinking your course and what your customers want. Launch your course. Learn from it.


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Online Course Success Stories

Uzair Kharawala knows that success comes at a price. With four courses to date, including the Adwords Ninja Course, creating content and keeping things fresh is a priority. Uzair is both a Google Partner and Youtube Certified and is considered an expert on these critical social media platforms. Successful course creator stories only come with a lot of hard work is a key component to creating the ideal course. While it may seem simple enough to get your ideas out there, give people what they want, and market to all the right customers, it is not always easy. You’ll likely need to put in hard work to see success.

Get Connected

If you want to be a successful course creator millionaire, there is no specific set of rules that you must follow. Learning the right strategies, launching your course in the best way, and keeping yourself on the right path will allow you to be able to create a truly inspired course. Make sure you check out our free Facebook group for sharing more tips and strategies to launching successfully.

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