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Transformational Learning

Transformational Learning with Adam Kol

Adam Kol Couples Financial Counselor
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In this week’s episode, I discuss tranformational learning with Couples Financial Counselor turned course creator, Adam Kohl. Adam worked with the Course Consultant to create his course, Financial Coaches Mindset. We both sat down to discuss his journey and the process involved with creating a transformational course. Take a listen to the podcast below or browse the shownotes to see where you would like to begin.

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Table of Contents

About Course Creator, Adam Kol

Adam H. Cole is a couple’s financial counselor who helps couples make sure that their money conversation doesn’t get in the way; leading to more peace, love and cash. Now that’s a business mission I can get behind. His credentials to lead such a mission includes over a decade of experience as a certified mediator, former tax attorney, and financial advisor. 

In addition, Adam has a law degree from Duke, a Master’s in tax law from NYU, and has been a seasoned community organizer and lifelong musician. Find his Personal Finance Parodies on YouTube or his podcast, Equal Partners with Adam Kol on his website. 

transformational learning

Create Tranformational Learning

Adam and I discuss the key elements required to build an environment of transformational learning. That includes: 

  •  being culturally competent,
  • always thinking about the customer (experience),
  • and being intentional about diversity and inclusion.

Adam practices this in his business by asking his clients about their experience with financial institutions because he understands that not everyone has had the same experience that he’s had as a white, Jewish boy who grew up in upper middle class. He also proactively makes decisions to ensure that his business and podcast has a diverse network of people. Listen to the podcast for more details on how he intentionally cultivates this environment.

One thing that I love that he asks, that I think all business should answer for themselves is: “How can my business contribute to a more equitable world?”

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The Shift: From Coaching to Course Creator

Are you a coach trying to decide if creating a course is your next best step? Listen as Adam discusses when he knew it was the right time to make the shift. HINT: There is no perfect time.

About Adam's Course: Financial Coaches Mastermind

Adam worked with The Course Consultant to create a course that had the following objective for fellow coaches: 

  • to be effective working with clients,
  • to have effective communication and listening,
  • and to manage confidence.

As a course creator, it is critical to know the effect that you want your course to have on the people who go through your training. Next, we discussed the perfect recipe (environment) for a successful and profitable course.

Keys to a Successful and Profitable Course

Do you have the right ingredients to create a course that will be profitable and successful? Adam and I discussed, 3 key elements that could lead to your course’s success. Here are three questions that you can ask about your current industry.

  • Is there a need for this information?
  • How many product offerings exist today?
  • What are people struggling with?

Listen to Adam and I discuss what his answers were to these questions when he decided offering a group coaching program was the answer and right solution for his business.

Online course consultant

The Course Consultant Experience

During this part of the podcast, Adam and I discussed his experience with The Course Consultant. He began with easy and astute and finished with how I compassionately kept him in line. If those sound like traits that you would want in your course consultant, definitely setup your discovery call soon. 

Adam also shared feedback from someone who completed the course and practiced his training in ‘real life’. It’s feedback like this that let’s me know that starting The Course Consultant was the right decision for me.

Course Creation Stages

Finally, we wrapped up with some of the course creation stages that have the biggest impact, including the sales page, copyright, and product marketing.

There are some gem questions that you should ask yourself if you want your course launch to be a success. Check it out on the podcast now, plus find resources below on how you can connect with Adam or the Course Consultant below.

Guest Resources

Connect with Adam on his website or LinkedIn.

Website: https://ahkcoaching.com/

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/adam-h-kol-4bb34a39/