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Website Design Tips for Course Creators

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Welcome to the Course Consultant Show, a show dedicated to help you launch your online course with a get ready to hear from successful course creators who ditch the nine to five, gain passive income on their couch, and took charge of their dreams. Here’s your host Melody Johnson, professional online course designer, and lover of all things chocolate.

Website Design Tips for Course Creators

After creating over 50 courses in the past three years Pete McPherson from Do You Even Blog shared his most helpful tips on website design for course creators. Check out what I learned and how you can apply these tips to your own website design.

Create a Good Looking Site

No matter what type of course you’ve created, a good-looking website is imperative if you want to be successful. But, you don’t have to spend your entire launch budget on a site designer. Elementor allows you to design your home page, your landing page, or any page without ever having to learn anything related to coding. This program is not just a tool, it’s everything when it comes to building your website. You can create your own templates, like these Salespage Elementor templates, or ones that are intended for your specific use like blog posts, forms, or timers.  The program opens up new doors for everyone no matter how tech-savvy (or not) you are.

Make Templates 

As a course creator, you need to brand yourself. Creating templates that are the same across the website will allow your website to be cohesive and will make the visitors see you as a brand. Elementor has settings that allow you to create templates that can be used across the board. To take advantage of these, build your page or your section the way you want it. Then, save the template to your Elementor account or export them so that you can import them back in at a later time when you’re building a different page! 

Don’t Forget Forms 

You need forms! Whether you want your website visitors to get in direct contact with you, sign up for your email list, or register for a course, you should be using forms on your site. Elementor has plenty of form options that are just as easy to use as their page design elements! 

Don’t forget: a countdown is extremely valuable with forms especially if you’ve got courses closing soon. Create a sense of urgency with your site visitors and make sure they know how important it is to register now. 

Test Tripwires 

While tripwires were a common sales tactic in the past, some believe that tripwires aren’t all they are cracked up to be. Some course creators will say they just don’t work anymore, but many others (including myself!) have seen a lot of success with them still. In any case, it’s worth AB testing them to see if and what works for your course!

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Take your countdown one step further and turn it into a tripwire. These are salesfunnels where your website visitors will see an evergreen countdown timer that starts when the page loads. Then, they only have so long to get a discount on a chosen product. After the timer is done, they’re redirected to the full-price page. Doing this may increase the sales that you get with the discount and may also increase sales on the full-price product from customers who missed that discount! 

Start Now 

You’ve likely heard it a million times, but be prepared to hear it until it takes root and makes a difference for you: take action. The number one thing you can do as a course creator is to take action. Even if you’re already implementing this in other areas of your business, you should start doing it with your website design. Jump into things, get Elementor, and start creating content on your site just like you do for your courses! 

You’re armed with the tips, you know the programs to use, and you’ve got great ideas. That means it’s time to create that website! 


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Website Design Tips for Course Creators