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Webinar Funnels and Tech for Course Creators

In this week’s episode,  I interview Angela Tan, the Founder of Systems RX. She’s worked with course creators like Vanessa Lau and many others to launch profitable evergreen webinar funnels!

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Table of Contents

About Angela Tan

Angela Tan is the founder of the Systems RXAngela says that after working with clients 1:1 creating evergreen webinar funnels and automations, she’s refined her process so she can systematize and automate the entire automated webinar process under 6 hours. In this episode she shares her tips and tricks helping 6 figure launch course creators support their families and grow their online businesses through automated webinar funnels. I talk about mindset shifts to sell your course or program on a webinar in another podcast episode.

Tips for Evergreen Webinar Success

Angela says that it’s so important to personalize the automation process so people feel connected with you instead of feeling like a number. She also says that in order to set up your automated sales webinar for success, it’s important to validate your offer. Understanding your offer and your audience can lend it to considering things like how long countdown timers should run for “flash bonuses” or before you close your special discount for your course or program. 

Tech Tools for Evergreen Webinar Automations

On the budget-friendly side, Angela says that she recommends using your own website or using Leadpages which can actually track metrics like conversion rates and views. For video hosting, she recommends using Vimeo or a private unlisted Youtube link. For email marketing she says she recommends using ActiveCampaign. For reference, I personally use Convertkit. She also recommends also using a cart checkout platform like Thrivecart. 

Live Versus Evergreen Webinars

Live webinar often involve setting up the delivery of your webinars in a live environment. This allows you to validate your webinar, ensure the conversion for your webinar is high, and also provides you with the initial experience to provide the most amount of value to your audience. Evergreen webinars allows you to also leverage the powerful impact that a webinar without having to constantly launch. 

Emails for Webinar Funnels

There are many different types of emails needed for a webinar funnel. Many of them in an evergreen funnel are automated so that you can allow your systems to run without you so you can get back to your life and running your online business. Angela says she sometimes schedules and automates up to 20 emails for her clients which include course creators making 6 figure launches! Wow!

Grab My 6 Funnel Ideas

Grab my six profitable funnel ideas so you can promote your course without using pushy aggressive sales tactics. 

Guest Resources

I personally recommend Angela Tan’s services for anyone that wants to create an evergreen webinar automations for her VIP Day. So if you already have a high converting funnel and you want to learn how to optimize your live webinar and turn it evergreen, Angela Tan has helped countless other course creators start to leverage their evergreen webinar funnel. You can also check out her many tech tutorials on Instagram (I learn something new every time she posts on Instagram)!

Instagram: The Systems RX

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