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Women in Leadership, Dr. Julianna Hynes

Leading on Purpose with Julianna Hynes

We need more women in leadership. In this week’s episode, we discuss how Dr. Julianna Hynes helps other break the glass ceiling in organizations and what it truly means to be a leader. 

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Table of Contents

Why we need more women leaders

In your career as an entrepreneur, you need to see yourself in the CEO chair. However, it might not be always clear to you to establish your presence as a leader in your organization or small business owner.  In this week’s episode with Dr. Julianna Hynes, author of  Leading on Purpose and CEO of Julianna Hynes and Associates, we discuss why we need more women leaders, as well as how she developed her recent book. 

Obstacles to female leadership

What do you think is the #1 barrier to females in leadership roles? During this portion of the podcast, we discuss how mindsets and limiting belief can hold you back from the next step in your career. When it comes to choosing to become a leader, one must acknowledge that you already are. In this podcast, Julianna also describes her experience working in Silicon Valley as a young, black woman. She describes times when different perspectives and leadership styles weren’t always in alignment. In fact, she recalls that many leaders didn’t know exactly how to help her grow. Julianna also shares the importance of mentorship which is often lacking for many employees in organizations. Yet, thankfully she shares that there are many opportunities for growth and support for employees, especially for women. 

In the podcast she shares several simple ways to develop your own unique leadership style. 

  • Ask for feedback from multiple perspectives.
  • Recognize imposter syndrome.
  • Choose to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Identify and act on your unique point of view as a leader. 

Julianna encourages women leaders to lead from their own unique perspective because “when we don’t share our gifts, our point of view, we’re limiting not only something else but someone else”.

Advantages for female leadership

When women lead on purpose, others can thrive in a safe and supportive working environment. It’s essential to consider that a unique perspective is needed in order to change the way in which we conduct business both from a small business and large organization standpoint. Julianna shares much about the challenges facing women in leadership as well as opportunities and advancements in for women at the CEO and Corporate level in her recent book. 


If you want to be successful in leadership, here are some key takeaways from this episode.

  • Celebrate wins (big and small).
  • Find masterminds and coachings. There is great value in having others provide accountability and encouragement.
  • Have a diverse group of mentors. Get relatable perspective, as well as a point of view you may not have thought about from someone on the outside looking in.

Thanks for listening to this week’s podcast with Dr. Julianna Hynes. I hope her advice provides motivation for you to take on more leadership roles in your career and entrepreneurial endeavors.

Guest Resources

Dr. Julianna Hynes Leading on Purpose

Here’s where you can find more on Dr. Julianna Hynes and Associates as well as find useful information regarding her latest book.


Leading on Purpose: The Black Woman’s Guide to Shattering The Glass Ceiling: https://www.amazon.com/Leading-Purpose-Womans-Shattering-Ceiling-ebook/dp/B088Q1WXPN

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