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Content Planning Workflow Tips

Content Planning Workshop Tips with Pete McPherson

Let’s talk about content. Is it really king? I always tell my high ticket clients to have great online content to attract people to their digital products and/or services. In this week’s episode, I chat all things content, including marketing, with founder of Do You Even Blog, Pete McPherson. Listen below or check out the show notes to see where you’d like to start.

Pete has been blogging for 10 years, interviews top bloggers, entrepreneurs and creators and has made several courses, digital products and a membership group. Plus, if you actually check out podcast episode number three on web design tips, you’ll see that I have interviewed him in the past but I’m so excited to talk to Pete today about learning how to create valuable content.

Table of Contents

Why Content Marketing Matters

Pete was super excited to discuss content with me. So much so that it took us less than 3 minutes to jump right into his massive AirTable content planning list where he keeps all his content ideas. Check out the video.

The overall takeaway that he wants you to grasp, is to create a system or workflow to create content quickly by having one place where you store all your content, including ideas for future content. Airtable, Google Sheets, a notebook, use whatever works best for you.

Why Content Marketing Matters for Small Business

Trying to figure out which content should come next? Here are 3 important questions that Pete recommends you ask as you review your content ideas list. 

  1. What’s the search viability?
  2. Is this on brand? Do I have a unique take on this subject?
  3. Am I motivated to create this?

Content Marketing Strategy

content marketing strategy

Pete recommends spending 5 minutes answering these questions first: 

  • What is the topic? 2 – 3 words
  • Who’s it for?
  • What’s the problem/challenge/pain point?
  • What’s the solution/answer/end result?

If you think these are gems, make sure you listen as we discuss the remaining content workflow process. Have a blog, podcast, YouTube channel? You should definitely tune in with your notebook. TAKE NOTES!!

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Content Marketing Tips

Guest Resources:

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Thanks for listening!! Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know what new content planning ideas you will be implementing. And if you missed, last week’s episode on transformational learning, be sure to catch it here.

Also, if you missed our previous chat with Pete on web design, listen here.