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The Social Impact

Rise With Instagram Reels

In this week’s episode, I interview Alisha, founder of The Social Impact and co-creator of the Rise with Reels course. Alisha shares all about how she started using Instagram Reels and saw massive growth and engagement for her course launch.

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About the Founder of Social Impact

Alisha never really wanted to be the face of The Social Impact. In fact, she preferred to stay behind the scenes showcasing her portfolio for her clients. But, as time went on, she started to see that early adopters of new social media content types were finding an impressive advantage in the online marketplace. Now, having grown her following to overe 31K followers on Instagram, she’s attributed a majority of her growth, engagement, and course sales due to the power of Instagram Reels.  

Why Instagram Reels Could Be the Powerhouse Sales Solution for Your Course

Alisha started her background in video editing and marketing before she took the plunge into owning her own business full-time. And then, COVID-19 hit and as she tried to find a way to build more visibility, she started to play with Instagram Reels. During that time, she became online friends with Monica, or Mon, (Founder of the Social Ista) as she lovingly refers to her business partner. Mon was also an Instagram Strategist and between the two of them, they started to see a lot of their followers ask questions about how to use the new Instagram Reels feature to boost sales and generate new leads. They wanted to create a program that would help their 1:1 clients see more growth in a streamlined approach. Without doing any ads, their enrollment for their first course was a massive success!

Reel Pro Tips

Alisha and Mon were already well-versed in Instagram strategies and decided it was time to scale their coaching business into a signature course. During the interview, Alisha shared some of the most important tips when it comes to creating scroll-stopping content on Instagram Reels. 

Cut The Fluff

One important tip that Alisha says is to “cut the fluff.” Instagram Reels is by nature only 15 to thirty seconds long. She says that teaching reels has helped her focus on the most important message and cutting out the rest. 

Batch Create Your Reels

The week leading up to recording her reels, Alisha collects inspirational audio files, questions from students, and content that she wants to create. She gets “into the zone” by listening to her favorite music, dancing around to music, and starts to record her Instagram reels. She records her reels filmed and then edits them ideally on the same day so as not to overthink her strategy. She says that during the week, it makes her life so much easier because her content is already ready to post.

Short Hooks & Digestible

Alisha says that at the core, Rise with Reels, teaches you how to hook your ideal customer in a short period of time. In this way, she is teaching you how to sell and promote yourself. Give people short, sharp information and digestible enough so people can understand what it is that you are selling or promoting.  Don’t overwhelm them with too much information all at once. Make it simple to follow.

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Bring The Energy

People want to feel excited by watching your video reels. She says other people want to feel pumped up. Most people won’t be interested in slow-moving content. By getting into the zone, in whatever way that looks like for you, you can increase your chances of having fun trying out new things in your online business without being tied to the end goal or result. 

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